Database Spotlight: Cypress Resume

Whether you are a student, looking for a job, or currently employed, chances are you are looking for a way to write an amazing resume. Building that perfect resume is a tool that you need to have in order to find your perfect job. Thankfully, we have a database that you can use to do just that. Cypress Resume helps you build your perfect resume.

Where to Start


In the lower left hand corner is box labeled “Create Your Resume”, click on the “Go” button. The next page you find will ask for you to select the type of resume you would like to create. The first option is “Strictly Business”. This option allows you to create a resume that is visually appealing that stands out by using no bullets, only text. The second option is “Editor’s Choice”, which is a simple classic resume look.

Filling out the Form


Once you have decided on the type of resume you would like to build, you move on to filling out your information. The first thing that you need to fill out is your name and contact information. This helps your future employer identify who’s resume it is and how to contact you to set up an interview. Afterwards you will be directed to fill out your employment history. The third step will be your education. The final part of this step is to fill out and special certifications and training you have had.

Step 2 is to help you design your resume to fit into your ideal job (or the one you’re applying for). This will help Cypress Resume give you some suggestions to define you skills.

Step 3is where you actually get to select your skills. Cypress Resume will present you with skills that fit within your selected job. Look over all of your suggestions, and only pick ones that apply to you.

Other Stuff


Cypress Resume is for more than just creating resumes. It can also create cover letters and reference sheets for you as well. Simply click the “Cover Letter” button, and it will use your resume to help build the perfect cover letter for you. The Reference Sheet is built by inputting your reference’s name and contact information.


So take your new resume and go off and get a new job. If you used this service, we’d love to hear your story. Leave us a comment here below.