Database Spotlight: Price It! Antiques & Collectibles

Every month, we attempt to highlight a different database you get access to with a library card from the Yorktown Public Library.


Do you have antiques lying around at home that you are curious about their worth? Or are you trying to figure out prices for a garage sale? We recently acquired a new database called Price It!: Antiques & Collectibles. Price It! pulls in data from several different sources to insure that you get accurate information. You can see information from Ebay, GoAntiques, and Tias.


To access this database, all you have to do is log into our catalog page, then look at the “Electronic Resources to Logged-In Users” section. Under this heading is an icon for Price It!. Clicking this icon will open up another tab, and give you access. Simply search what you are looking for, and Price It! will pull up the results.


However, Price It! isn’t just for pricing. It is also full of great articles to help you figure out how to fix and restore any of your antiques or collectibles. You can browse the articles by subject, or even search for something specific.

Price It search for Beanie Babies

As always, you can call or come into the Library for help. We hope that you can enjoy this resource that is available to you for FREE, with a library card.


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